AJ1 UNC Baseball w/ Display
AJ1 UNC Baseball w/ Display
AJ1 UNC Baseball w/ Display

AJ1 UNC Baseball w/ Display

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I upcycle worn out or damaged sneakers to create my hand stitched leather goods.

This upcycled piece features leather repurposed directly from an authentic Jordan 1 High OG UNC 2015. I will remove the leather an official MLB baseball and rewrap it and stitch it with the leather from the sneaker to create you a truly one of a kind baseball. The result is a unique, handcrafted piece worthy of admiration from any sneaker enthusiast. 

You will also receive a glass and wood display case, with engraving of the project details. 

Handcrafted using 100% authentic sneakers. Materials are cut directly from the shoes. Authenticity guaranteed. This item is a piece of “upcycled art”, and is not associated with the brand the piece is upcycled from.

*This is a Jordan 1 sneaker wrapped around a baseball core. The sneaker has multiple thick layers that are pre-stitched together, so it doesn’t stretch and mold perfectly like a thin, stretchy baseball leather does.. Some areas are 1 layer thick, some are multiple layers thick, which may show a not perfectly round visual depending on which angle you’re looking at. This piece will not be a playable ball. It’s an artistic depiction of a baseball.

**Every piece created is custom made by hand and unique to itself, usually using authentic pre-owned sneakers with wear and tear. We embrace each sampled sneakers characteristics, and even its flaws due to age and wear. These features tell the story of that specific shoe, and I give that shoe new life and purpose. Please keep this information in mind when purchasing an eightyfivecustoms piece. Old kicks. New life.

*Please allow for the artist to have creative freedom while creating your individual piece. Shoes vary in size and shape etc, so the product pic is a general idea of what your specific piece will look like, but not always a mirror image. The direction of the swoosh is totally random, and may be facing the opposite direction of the one in the product pics. Please keep this in mind. I will use my best judgment and creativity to ensure you’re getting a piece I’m proud to stamp my name on.

*This piece is ready to ship. I truly appreciate your support! 

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AJ1 UNC Baseball w/ Display