Consultation For Commission

Consultation For Commission

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 If interested in sending your shoes for a commissioned project, a consultation will be required. Please email or dm pics of your shoe, PLUS the size. Once determined I can work with your shoe, we will arrange consultation. Do not purchase this consultation if we have not yet communicated. 

You can message me on Instagram or email at eightyfivecustoms@gmail.com

This consultation is offered once we have determined that I can indeed work with the shoe you wish to send for a commissioned project.

Consultation includes creating mock ups, and/or providing examples of what I can create with your shoe, as well as pricing options for your unique project, and communication with any questions you may have.

Please keep in mind that providing your own shoe does not always mean pricing will be “cheaper”. In some cases, yes. In other cases, your unique situation may require extra time and work, which equals extra cost. For your own consideration, please browse my shop to get an idea of my current pricing before setting up a consultation. As always, I truly appreciate your support!!

If we proceed with your commission, we’ll arrange payment to get your project rolling. Current waitlist is up to 8 weeks to create, plus shipping time.  Once payment is made, I’ll provide shipping details to send your shoes.

I truly appreciate your support!